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    vaBase Version 3.1 Released


    vaBase is pleased to announce the release of its brand new Virtual Airline Management Software, version 3.1. A lot has changed since the initial release of 3.0 back in 2015. vaBase has rewritten the system from the ground up which was necessary to incorporate many new and exciting features which were certainly needed to achieve the level of detail and pilot immersion from an airline operations perspective that vaBase is today.

    vaBase major improvements over the last 12 months have seen the incorporation of a fully functional web template supplied as default at the request of our customers. A fully automated Flight Booking and Dispatch Centre to enable pilots to reserve flights, and receive a full flight briefing before departure.

    A Fleet Management system has also been integrated into the admin and public facing application giving full control of your fleet through the admin interface. The vaBase fleet module is also now integrated into the dispatch system auto generating you passenger and cargo information based on aircraft type and configuration. Other major improvements include a new Admin Centre with staff management and individual user based privileges, airline reporting, mailing lists, awards system, and much more.

    The vaBase pilot ACARS application has also had a facelift and now boasts an integrated live map with pilot chat and X-Plane support. Our ACARS also features a ‘auto update’ feature keeping all your pilots running the latest most up to date version available without the need of reinstallation.

    Lastly, vaBase now offer a web hosting solution with free vaBase installation to help those will little experience get up and running.

    Head over to the vaBase Homepage for a full feature listing and live demo.

    This is a free update to all existing vaBase customers.

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