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    Vertigo Studios F9F Panther SP 1.2 Released


    Vertigo studios have released a service patch (v1.2) for the F9F Panther.


    Please contact the point of purchase for the new installer. To update, simply un-install your current version of the Panther which can be found here : Start > All Programs > Vertigo Studios > F9F Panther. Once removed you are now ready to run the new installer v1.2.


    The F9F V1.2 Panther includes the following features: are as follows :


    2 x models included, F9F-5 and F9F-5P

    Comprehensive PDF manual.

    3D ‘Sound Cone’ Technology with an amazing sound set, engineered using authentic Pratt & Whitney J48 recordings.

    Every object or function creates a realistic noise!

    Tru3D dynamic load editor that will affect aircraft weights on the fly.

    DirectX 10 compatible models complete with virtual cockpit self-shadowing.

    Systems and Tru3D gauges for ultimate realism taken beyond what's available by default.

    Tru3D Instrumentation for the ultimate smooth flying experience.

    Tru3D gauge lighting brings the instruments to life at night!

    Fully customized lighting control system, including individually created night-lighting effects.

    6 historically accurate and detailed paint schemes.

    Fuel delivery system is accurately simulated.

    Fuel Tip Tank Dumping system.

    2D Pop-ups, Configuration Editor, GPS and Radio.

    Realistic canopy operation and animation.

    Fully operable weapons pack with multiple munitions, including guns, bombs and rockets!

    Light bloom on glass and shiny materials.

    Exciting custom-made effects.


    A configuration editor is provided in-game to allow the F9F to be totally customized and readied for any mission! Ammunition can be loaded by the round, with each unit affecting the weight individually. Weights are accurate to the weapon type, with cannon rounds weighing more than the machine gun!

    Every object configured via the editor will affect the weight and performance of the F8F in real-time. Rockets and bombs can be deployed with a realistic after-effect exerted upon the aeroplane!


    Additional features of the editor include:


    Chocks – wheel chocks can be select using this option.

    Covers – a canopy cover with tie-down blocks can be displayed using this option.

    Pilot – the pilot can be hidden or displayed using this option.

    External fuel tanks, available on both models, although in reality never carried on the F9F-5, and only rarely on the F9F-5P

    Guns – Guns can either be displayed or hidden which also allow for firing.

    Ammunition – can be added or removed depending on the given situation.


    Visit Vertigo studios for complete details.

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