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    Warbirdsim- Mustang Tales


    This release tells the Post WWII and NAVY Service stories of 15 different Mustangs, that combined tell of the greater developmental and service legacy of the P-51D & F-51D from WWII to Korea, and from WWII until the present day. The product features the following aircraft, which have all been developed as different aircraft from one another, throughout, ensuring that each is accurate and authentic through the over-all airframes, cockpits, aft cockpits, gun bays and wheel wells to each specific variant. Throughout development, the original NAA blueprint drawings, USAAF and USAF Technical Orders, assembly and maintenance manual, pilot's manuals, period photographs, and other leading research and resources were all consulted.
    1944 - P-51D-5-NA 44-14017 (modified by Navy and used in carrier operations trials)
    1945 - FJ-1D Seahorse ("what-if" Navy variant following 1945 production standards)
    1945 - P-51D-30-NA 44-75025 “Shangri-La” (Maj. Don Gentile, Air Force Fair, Wright Field in mid-October 1945)
    1945 - P-51D-30-NT 45-11513 “Royal New Zealand Air Force” (No. 1 Auckland Squadron)
    1947 - P-51D-25-NT 44-84489 “Royal Australian Air Force” (No. 77 Squadron, Iwakuni AB, Japan)
    1947 - ETF-51D-25-NT 44-84900 "NACA 127" (heavily modified for dive tests, Langley AFB, Virginia)
    1950 - P-51D-30-NA 44-74423 “Royal Canadian Air Force” (No. 442 City of Vancouver Squadron)
    1950 - F-51D-25-NT 44-84602 “Little Beast II” (12th Fighter-Bomber Squadron, Chinhae AB, Korea)
    1951 - P-51D-30-NT 45-11471 “South African Air Force” (No. 2 Squadron, Kangnung AB, Korea)
    1951 - F-51D-30-NA 44-74692 “By Faith I Fly!” (Col. Dean Hess, Provisional Fighter Squadron, ROKAF, Korea)
    1952 - RF-51D-25-NT 44-84837 “Little Lynn” (45th Tac Recon Squadron, Korea)
    1952 - F-51D-20-NA 44-72197 “FF-197” (192nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron, Keflavik AB)
    1953 - F-51D-25-NT 45-11489 "ANG-489" (Minnesota ANG, 109th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron, Minneapolis)
    1972 - P-51D-30-NA 44-74452 “N74190” (surplus from Guatemalan AF, modified for civilian operation)
    2001 (To Present Day) - P-51D-30-NA 44-74543 "Geraldine" (stock-restored, Kenosha, Wisconsin)
    2010 - P-51D-30-NA 44-74543 "Geraldine" (Reno racing modified (lighter and faster than stock model))

    P-51D-5-NA 44-14017 was borrowed by the U.S. Navy for carrier operations trials. Fitted with arrestor hook and catapult gear, the aircraft completes 25 successful landings and takeoffs aboard the U.S.S. Shangri-La. Both the aircraft and aircraft carrier are included in this extensive collection.
    Had the Navy rushed a Naval version of the P-51D into production by the summer of 1945, we see what that aircraft might have looked like, fresh off the production line, in the “what if?” FJ-1D ‘Seahorse’. 

    U.S.S. Shangri-La Carrier and AI Route

    An accurate depiction of the USS Shangri-La, developed by Michael Davies, is included in this product, and is depicted as it was at the time of the P-51 carrier trials. The carrier is setup with an AI route that takes the ship from the Norfolk docks up into Chesapeake Bay where the original trials actually took place. The ship's schedule even follows the times recorded from the ship's logs.


    Visit the Homepage for details and download.

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