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    Warbirdsim P-51D Then And Now Series Part2


    Warbirdsim is proud to introduce P-51D "Twilight Tear, Then and Now. The personal mount of Lt. Hubert "Bill" Davis. From the wear and tear of combat, to the polish and perfection of an outstanding restoration, this product features fully authentic reproductions of Twilight Tear as it would have been seen in late 1944 and 1945 as well as the aircraft as it is restored today as an EAA Grand Champion award Warbird .


    This product provides for a level of accuracy in reproducing these particular aircraft that has never been made possible before. Whether you are interested in re-living the past, or recreating the present, available now is both the chance to fly the P-51D as Lt. Davis would have known it in 1945, or as current pilots will find it in the meticulous restoration of today." The P-51D 'Then and Now Series' Part2 is available with screenshots from the Warbirdsim Website.

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