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    Where Are My Aircraft From Lorby-SI


    The “Where Are My Aircraft?” application (WAMA for short) remembers where you left all your aircraft in the simulator world. Once connected, it will display all your parked aircraft in the simulator where you left them.


    Parked your brand new "Iron Maiden" 747 yesterday on your favorite airports' VIP parking and want to see her during your departure with your 737?On arrival you want to see your A2A Fleet being parked at the GA Terminal?
    With WAMA your parked aircraft now stay where you have left them - as static AI traffic. So you can see your fleet all over the world/country/homebase, whereever and on whichever place you have parked them. (Also very useful for impressive screenshots showing all your addon planes together...)


    Feature list:
    - WAMA keeps a database of all your aircraft and their parking positions
    - All these aircraft are displayed in the simulator as static models
    - You can view all positions in Google Earth
    - You can choose to fly any of your parked aircraft through the WAMA dialog or directly in the simulator
    - You can exchange the parked aircraft models for different ones, for example leight-weight AI models
    - To initially build up the database, you can import your saved flights.


    For further information please consult the user manual from the Where are my aircraft Homepage
    The app is available for purchase at SimMarket.

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