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    Wilco FK14 Polaris & LeMans


    Wilco Publishing has just released the FK14 Polaris & LeMans, a new title in the HiFi Simulations series. The FK14 Lightplanes series is typical of the new genre of light recreational two seat aircraft seen at so many airfields and flying clubs around the World. Fitted out with the latest avionics packages and trimmed in luxurious leather, the cockpits have the feel of an expensive, luxury sports car .


    The Le Mans unique twin canopy design is evocative of the classic sports cars of the 60’s.

    This is an aircraft built for fun and relaxation but is also capable of surprisingly rapid cross-country transits and commuting.



    . Built over the best plans available

    . Huge reflective bubble canopy in the Polaris and twin streamlined fairings in the LeMans

    . Fantastic levels of detail stretch to individual nuts and bolts, rivets and wire controls.
    . Complete 3D virtual cockpit with multiple functional switches, knobs and levers.
    . Authentic Garmin avionics
    . 17 original liveries

    . Ballistic Parachute Recovery System is modelled and simulated.

    . Beautiful leather interiors look and feel like a luxury sports car.


    A Free TRIAL VERSION is available , as well a set of High resolution pictures and the complete FEATURES LIST can be looked over from the above links.

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