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    Wilco Publishing Release CRJ NextGen


    Wilco Publishing announces the release of the CRJ NextGen

    Deluxe & Regular versions for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, an advanced and realistic simulation of the Bombardier CRJ Series recognized as the most successful regional aircraft program in the world.



    The Bombardier CRJ Highlights :

    . Bombardier CRJ-700/900/1000

    . Efficient “clean-view” 2D cockpit

    . Detailed 3D Interactive “Glass” cockpit

    . Flight dynamics tested by active CRJ pilots

    . Detailed animations: pilots, windshield wipers, stairs,...

    . Numerous systems simulated

    . High resolution liveries (HD)

    . Realistic Flight Management Computer

    . Worldwide Navigraph database, including SID & STAR

    . TCAS & GPWS

    . APU start up/shutdown sequences simulated

    CRJ NextGen download version is now available for Flight Simulator X.

    The CD-Rom version will hit the shelves in June 2012.

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