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    Wilco Publishing Teams With Dassault Aviation


    Wilco Publishing   Press release – June 2013

    Announced an official partnership with Dassault Aviation to design aircraft add-ons for PC-based flight simulators, Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

    The first to be released will be the Falcon 7X
    , Dassault’s benchmark for the 21st century business jet.

    With unrivalled experience, technological strengths and military knowledge, Dassault Aviation built the Falcon 7X, a vision for the future.

    With an all-glass integrated flight deck, Wilco Publishing  announced the 7X will feature an incredible aircraft model, with superb interior and exterior details. Even the individual rivets and screws modelled in 3D.

    With authentic flight dynamics, a real audio experience and a Fly-By-Wire technology to connect the pilot to the flight controls, Wilco Publishing and its skilled development team will make the Falcon 7X a pure excitement in the virtual skies.

    Falcon 7X
    will be part of the new Wilco’s HIFI Simulations series , high Definition all the way from incredible model detail to maxed-out textures. More cockpit functions than ever before. Super detailed cabins, cockpits and exteriors.

    Avsim Reporter Will Renolds  contacted Wilco Publishing, Fred Goldman was kind enough to reply with a few further details commenting

    “ We may develop more than just the 7X, possibly other bizjet or military aircraft.

    For the moment, our developers are working on the TBM850 and the Falcon 7X. Both will show a high level of details.

    Our future products will be based on that : access to the aircraft to get the most of it.”


    Q: Could you tell us what brought the partnership with Dassault? What can we expect from this collaboration? Better information to program aircraft, manuals? More Dassault aircraft?

    “ They allowed us to take thousands of aircraft pictures. Also, with technical documents.

    We expect to get more from Dassault to offer to our customers too.

    Q: Would you be able to give  a run down of your team, how many people in it, what products you have released, what you are working on right now and what we can expect in the future?

    For the moment, I prefer to keep things confidential about the development team. With Dassault Aviation, the Falcon 7X will be the first one, with more Dassault aircraft in the pipeline.

    Flight Simulator enthusiasts will be looking forward to seeing the results of the collaboration and Avsims Staff thank Wilco Publishing for answering a few questions.

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