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    X-Plane 12 Released

    Bob Scott

    X-Plane 12 Early Access has been released.  This is the first major version release of the X-Plane platform since XP11 beta was first released in 2016.  Purchase of XP12 EA includes free access to all XP12 future updates as well as access to XP11.  The new version includes photometric HDR lighting, an all-new weather engine, seasonal weather-dependent vegetation and terrain effects, 3D forests, water and vegetation, volumetric 3D clouds, and seven new aircraft including the A330, Citation X, SR-22, RV-10, PA-18, R-22 heli and Lancair Evolution.

    For more details see https://www.x-plane.com/


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    Lot's of new features, a smoother than ever ride, revised / fine-tuned flight dynamics... The wait was more than worth !

    It's still under development but this Early Access gives us users and potential developers a chance to actively participate in the consolidation of what will surely be one of the best flight simulation platforms available !

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    I just bought the new version. Screen partly, sometimes completely pink (not caused by my graphic card, NVIDIA 980 Ti with last updated driver and 6 GB VRAM). Laminar`s Beech Baron 58 partly dysfuncional, Saiteks Instrument and AP panels unusable etc. Three crashes during 5 uses. Paying the full price for something at that stage of developement is annoying and should not be done. I will use XP11 until 2024.Until then there hopefully might be a stable, fully functional simulator. At this point of time I can only strongly discourage to buy this early version although XP might need the money.

    By the way, when wil RealityXP be compatible with XP12?

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    Normally I'd agree with you, but X-Plane 12 is in early access & using XP11 as an example, we can look forward to a evolving sim over 7 years give or take. If you follow the main site (x-plane.com) you will see the progression is consistent and constant.

    In the XP world, XP11 would count as a finished product of the XP11 series. That's just how XP does it, & to my mind is not much different than how MS does it as well.

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