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    Xavion 1.53 App Free for X-Plane 10


    Xavion 1.53 - the Synthetic Vision Co-Pilot, Backup Avionics, and emergency “Highway in the Sky” App now free in X-Plane 10. Xavion, from the developers of X-Plane, is the ultimate Synthetic Vision Copilot. It’s the “must-have” iPad EFIS application for both recreational and professional pilots.


    Running on either an iPad or iPhone under Apple’s IOS operating system, Xavion provides synthetic vision, GPS navigation and primary instrument backup... all in one easy-to-use App. Xavion isn’t just an EFIS though. Like any good copilot, it’s always looking out for you. It can provide weight & balance checks, and estimate fuel burn and time to your destination at various altitudes. Most importantly, Xavion can learn the glide characteristics of your airplane, so that if you ever have an engine-out emergency, it can run thousands of simulations and immediately guide you on the safest path to a nearby airport.


    Now you can use Xavion for FREE in X-Plane 10 before deciding if you want to purchase the app and it’s related mapping services for use in your actual aircraft. The X-Plane version lets you practice like a Pro and learn Xavion, all while flying any aircraft installed in your X-Plane 10 simulator. So the user can train on X-Plane and then take those skills into the real airplane when ready.


    Xavion is available for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store. Visit Xavion's Homepage for more information.

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