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    Scenery Solutions and Flight1 Officially Announce the Release of the XpressSim Line of Scenery Products.

    Scenery Solutions has today proudly announced the official release of the XpressSim system and the first batch of XpressSim scenery products. Two years of research and development using a 'outside the box' approach to scenery design has produced a revolutionary scenery development system whereby high performance and low resource consumption is the standard. XpressSim products do not consume resources like scenery products of the past.

    Scenery created with Scenery Solutions proprietary XpressSim technology offers a groundbreaking balance of detail, great performance and outstanding value. All XpressSim products will be priced at a very affordable range of $1.99 to $5.99 per product. Product locations can be reviewed prior to purchase and then directly obtained and installed all from within the XpressSim user interface.

    Individual XpressSim products include a variety of locations. Island getaways, large Cityscapes and detailed airports with surroundings. Individual airport products expand past the runway and terminals into detailed terrain and building renders that encompass the airport region. Detailed Cityscapes can include tens of thousands of custom buildings with customizable product configurations from within the XpressSim interface.

    The XpressSim interface can manage product configurations across individual or combined FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D systems. The system is free to download and currently comes with 2 free scenery areas for your unlimited evaluation and enjoyment, and with no purchases necessary. Our free products provide a great introduction to our new system.

    This launch release includes 9 commercial products. Scenery Solutions is committed to releasing 1 or 2 new scenery locations on a weekly basis and will continue to provide more and more 'unlimited use' free products as time goes on. Over time our catalog accessed directly in the interface will grow immensely. All products are designed to work seamlessly with our original Ultimate Terrain line.

    There is absolutely no risk to try and our free scenery offerings as they grow in number are always yours to keep.

    To get started with XpressSim and install the two free scenery areas, please see their support forum.

    You can also get started by visiting the XpressSim page at the Scenery Solutions site.

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