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    YSPT Southport V2.0 For MSFS


    Welcome to Southport V2.0! AUScene's first MSFS development completely redesigned offering the most authentic experience yet!

    Located just north of the famous Gold Coast, Southport offers a perfect base for you to explore the region or even polish your circuit skills on the challenging runway. The airport has been hand crafted from hundreds of on-site photos to include many bespoke details for you to discover. We truly hope you will enjoy this airport.

    Southport Features 

    • Hand Crafted Rendition of Southport 
    • High Resolution PBR textures
    • Realistic Buildings 
    • Hangar Interior Modelling 
    • Detailed terraforming with hangars built on the hill
    • 3D people 
    • Animated Kangaroos
    • Dynamic Rain on Skylights
    • Realistic Night Lighting
    • Custom Taxiway Decals and Materials

    Visit the  Southport V2.0 Homepage for further information.


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