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    Zenith CH701 From Lionheart Creations


    Announcing the Zenith 701 for P3D from Lionheart Creations, the fun and adventurous “Sky Jeep”.  A project 2 years in the making, through direct cooperation with Zenith Aircraft Corporation.  The 701 was modeled from CAD data provided by Zenith and developed using the latest PBR shaders for P3D 4.4 and above.  This sim aircraft is modeled within 1MM of its real world counterpart and looks stunning on full 4K textures with lower resolution textures available for those who need it.

        The Zenith 701, designed and first introduced in 1986 by Chris Heintz, is a “STOL” (Short TakeOff and Landing) aircraft, powered by the now legendary Rotax 912 100HP air cooled engine.  It has amazing low speed handling thanks to its full length flap/aileron combo and great short field performance.  With its large tires and low stall speed, it truly earns its title as the “Sky Jeep”.  In flight sims, this product is perfect for the more adventurous or “bush” pilots that like to take things low-and-slow.

    The Zenith 701 pack for P3D 4.4+ comes with 5 HD liveries, an optimized 3D model based on manufacturer CAD models, sounds recorded from a real Zenith 701, and a flight model tested by multiple real-life pilot and owners.  All for .95!  
    In cooperation with Zenith Aircraft, they will be offering a limited time, .95 off of the Zenith 701 “starter kit” http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/rudder.html  (retails for 5), the rudder of the real aircraft.  Build a piece of the real aircraft and see if building your own aircraft is right for you, or simply have it as part of your home sim rig, or a great office/conversation piece.  This will help bridge the gap between sim and real life even further!

    The initial release is not the end of the Lionheart’s 701 story.  Just like the aircraft this was built on, we plan on many free mods an expansions.  First, we will release a layered paint kit for user made custom liveries!  Shortly after, we plan on releasing a non-PBR version for FSX/P3D 4.3 and lower for those who have not upgraded.

     After that?  The skies the limit!  Please join us https://www.facebook.com/Gibbageart/ for updates and a roadmap of upgrades planned for post-release (130HP SuperJeep?  Amphibian?).  

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