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    Zurich RealCity X for FSX P3D


    SamScene3D  has released Zurich RealCity X for FSX P3D. Zurich the largest city in Switzerland, is located in the north central Switzerland. Zurich is the hub for railways, roads and air traffic. Many museums and art galleries can be found in the city, including the Swiss National Museum and the Zoologisches Museum which also can be found in this scenery.

    Scenery Features:
     1. high definition photo texture of zurich city
     2. over 10,000 autogen buildings and houses with switzerland style designs
     3. many famous museums and churchs in zurich city center area
     4. many hotels, shopping malls, school, ferris wheel, etc.
     5. 3d models of main zurich train station
     6. 3d models of industrial buildings in zurich
     7. 3d models of apartment buildings in zurich
     8. city photo ground made in summer textures
     9. good frame rate
     10. trees and bridges in zurich city
     11. boats and vehicles traffic around the zurich city
     12. free updates in the future

    Visit the Zurich RealCity X Product Page for further information.

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