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  • 3D Printed Throttle Quadrant Handles Proposed


    If you’re flying any of the commercial jets with either two, three or four engines and using two Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrants side by side, with the black, blue and red heads on the levers, this is an alternate approach.

    Shown in the image is the configuration for any of the Boeing jets 737 through 787 or Airbus A300 through A330. Note the Parking Brake lever on the lower left position molded in a silver grey color.
    Created using additive manufacturing the parts are printed using PLA [renewable bioplastic], a super strong material and designed accurately in scale with the popular Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrants and Yoke.

    Designed to look great in your cockpit the pieces pictured require no assembly; just replace the standard lever heads and fly a more sophisticated turbo-jet aircraft.
    The five piece basic set is going to be available beginning September 2014, from some of your flight simulation equipment sources for $79.00 (USD). Additional levers to accommodate three and four-engine aircraft will be sold as add-options. A set of detent stops for the Parking Brake, Spoilers, Throttles and Flaps Handles will soon follow as another add-option. All sets of handles and detents do not come with the Saitek product shown in the photo above.

    The thrust reversal levers found on the Boeing aircraft will not be included in this product offer as the Saitek Pro Throttle Quadrant allows thrust reversal operation by pulling the Throttle Levers all the way down past the detent. This same feature allows the Parking Brake Lever switch to be utilized in a similar manner. AT and TOGA operation is handled by buttons on the Saitek Pro Yoke.

    Questions and comments are welcome by using the AVSIM user’s communications.
    Don Diedrich , AKA Avisim Member AviaMOTION has produced the 3D Stereolithography files for producing the Throttle Quadrant Handles and is in the process of determining their viability , to get the project underway AviaMOTION can be found using the member lookup function or comments can be left here.

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