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    A Dangerous Approach For Little Rosie


    Jane Whittaker, Rosie Davies and her mother would like to extend a big thank you to all who have purchased Dangerous Approaches DLC for FSX:SE on Steam and the support of staff and members of Avsim. The sales royalties from your generosity are helping provide toys and care needs for little Rosie Davies and will provide ongoing support in to the long term.


    Rosie was born with her legs stuck in a crossed position and a gap in her spine. She has Caudal Regression Syndrome and is one of just three people in the world to undergo life-saving and pioneering surgery. Despite having her legs amputated below the knee, it has not stopped her getting around.


    Rosie, who describes herself as "a daredevil, nosey, and extra lucky", has great upper body strength. She uses her arms to push herself along on her skateboard and she can walk on her hands.

    Surgeons used some of Rosie's amputated leg bone to fill the gap in her spine between the bottom of her chest and the top of her pelvis. Special rods and plates were then used to secure her chest to her pelvis. As the bone healed it became a natural support.


    You can find out more about Rosie at Sky News .


    more about the Dangerous Approaches DLC.

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