• A2A Announce Bonanza V-Tail


    GA specialists A2A Simulations are developing a 'V-Tail' Beech Bonanza.

    A2A founder Scott Gentile made the announcement in a YouTube video released this afternoon.

    In the video, Gentile revealed intricate details of the development process, including the real-world flight testing process A2A have developed in order to develop their flight models.

    Hinting at the depth of the flight modelling being attempted, Gentile told viewers "the Bonanza V-Tail pilot has more in common with a warbird pilot than a Comanche pilot.

    "Next time you look at a V-Tail Bonanza sitting on the ramp, understand it isn't just unique looking -- it flies differently than any other aircraft in the air."

    In addition to the Bonanza announcement, Gentile also revealed the company has been developing a brand new Accu-sim physics engine, as well as 'intelligent installers' for P3D version 4 and a new store front and loyalty programme.

    Also hinted at was a 'secret project' of which details are yet to be revealed; the only hint in the video is a black background with a ticking clock and some intercom 'chatter' -- perhaps hinting at some form of flight instruction module.

    Watch the full video below.


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    Not interested at all in this particular one after all I bought from them. 

    The question is: is it faster? Is it that much different looking at the characteristics, gauges and panel?

    I'll skip this one.


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    I am very happy to see A2A add the venerable V35 to their product line. I was intrigued with the V35 Bonanza as a child any time I visited or rode by one of the small GA airports.  I always made a bee line to the V35 and stood there, eyes and mouth probably wide open when I did get the opportunity to actually visit.:biggrin:

    To this day, I am still drawn to the V35 over any other GA bird.  

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    1 hour ago, wrberg12 said:

    Owned one for 10 years - best handling airplane I've ever flown.


    I never owned one, but I will sure own this one!

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    Always wanted to tackle a V-tail. Now I can. As good as A2A dynamics are, I'll know exactly what it's like, at a fraction of the price! :-)

    I sure hope there's an aerostar in our future also.

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