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    Adelaide International X V2.0


    Adelaide International X V2.0 has been released, Adelaide fills a gap that has been missing ever since FSX and P3D were released, capable of handling 777’s right down to Dash 8’s and GA aircraft you’re bound to enjoy flying into Adelaide. On top this this Adelaide is only a short flight from Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne so you have plenty of routes to utilise Adelaide on. We developed the airport on the foundation of a high definition aerial photo combined multiple layers of high resolution details to bring the airport to life. The night lighting is something amazing to see, you’ll notice the rendered effects causing even windows to cast light on the ground!

    Adelaide International X V2.0 is packed full of new features for you to discover while your exploring the airport and make the experience more realistic than ever before.

    V2.0 changes include;

    • NEW Redesigned Terminal and Aerobridges with high resolution textures
    • NEW Animated Runway Guard Lights
    • VAS Friendly Option
    • RW23 and RW05 accurate PAPI representation
    • Adjusted PAPI RW12 and RW30
    • Added displaced threshold RW05 lights
    • Adjusted taxiway light size
    • Tower view changed to new tower
    • Various improved textures
    • Optimised overall VAS Performance (all versions)
    • Adjusted Taxiway Signs
    • Updated AFCAD

    Previous customers will be able to receive this update completely FREE of charge.

    Check it out at the Adelaide International X V2.0 Homepage.

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