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    Airbus 340-500/600 Expansion Pack


    AWG Simulations with Commercial Level Simulations (CLS)has released the Airbus A340-500/600 Airline Expansion Pack. The Pack contains 9 airline colour schemes for the CLS Airbus A340-500/600 add-on for FSX. Each repaint has been hand painted to the highest level of precision and also features wear 'n' tear dirt effects to add a realistic look to the aircraft.


    The pack features:

    a)Airbus A340-500 Repaints- Airbus House Colours (New 2011/2012 Colour Scheme)- Arik Airlines-Kingfisher Airlines-TAM of Brazil

    b) Airbus A340-600 Repaints- Austrian Airlines- Hawaiian Airlines- Qatar Airways- Star Alliance (Lufthansa)- Virgin Atlantic (new 2012 Colour Scheme)

    For more information visit Product Page

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