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    Airventure 2012 Oshkosh WI


    Airventure, and the airport in Oshkosh Wisconsin is set to continue the festivities with Bonanzas to Oshkosh, transforming Whittman field`s control tower into the world’s busiest over the weekend as planes arrive in their thousands to find room on the field to set up camp.

    Cherokee’s, Cessna’s, Mooney’s, Piper Cub’s, Vans RV’s and AirVenture Cup Racers are among the mass fly-in's that began Friday and continue through Sunday. Monday, July 23 is Opening Day and features a Salute to the 40th anniversary of Van's RV Aircraft and Dick VanGrunsven, Honda's ASIMO Robot Returns to AirVenture with that oh so cute Honda Jet and the Warbirds in Review schedule begins with the L-19 Bird Dog and Glacier Girl the legendary P-38,  this year marks the 20th anniversary of its first trip to Oshkosh after being recovered from beneath 268 feet of ice in Greenland.

    "Oshkosh" has some of the best realtime events coverage going with video and imagery continuously updated on their website and archives with highlights from past events. Avsim’s staff is interested in the real thing as well and will be keeping an eye on events, new aircraft and products as they are presented, and highlight points of interest, perhaps we can test our new Video Feature!.

    Don’t forget Virtual Oshkosh hosted by FS-MP in which virtual pilots from all over the world can fire up Flight Simulator X and fly the VFR arrival to KOSH, a sky filled with other aircraft piloted by real people with air traffic controllers guiding you in, an incredible scenery package adds to the realism for those not able to attend in person. 

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