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    Bear Studios updates J-10


    Bear Studios has announced release of J-10 V1.5 Update. This is an update for all current Variants: J-10ADT J-10B J-10A/S. The changes include:

    • Model, Texture and Gauge system optimization for wide range hardware specifications.
    • Add Cockpit dynamic shadow in FSX models, this can take more reality visual effects when using dx10 preview capability in FSX
    • Modify Flight dynamic model for simulating a fly by wire control system. when Flight Director on in Flight, aircraft can make more maneuverability flight, and if Flight Director off, aircraft will fly with auto trim for more stability depend on altitude and mach number
    • Add working maneuver flap system with actual function in FS2004. this system like fsx`s maneuver flap system, can extend/retract flaps with AoA and mach number changes.
    • Change MFD`s GPS input page only in Right MFD to keep fps. remove this page in other MFDs. Also changed panel shapes for more closer to real aircraft pictures.
    • Mount new SD-10 missile models in J-10 and J-10B Prototype and refine textures for missiles and payload weapons.
    • Remove FLIR and Navigation Pods in aircrafts with CAP, Armed Recon and Interceptor payloads. Strike payloads still keep these pods mounted on for proper weapon capability
    • Change Flight dynamic model and gauge system to simulate radio height auto keep function when Gps Beacon and Vor/Tacan Coupled navigation active.
    • Fix glass reflection problem in FSX`s cockpit model.
    • Add colored terrain map in J-10A/S and J-10ADT, this system can bring out colored terrain map layer as J-10B`s mfd.

    For more information visit forum announcement

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