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    Bill Womack Launches iBlueYonder


    Introducing iBlueYonder - a New Brand for a Flight Sim Veteran

    If you've been around the FS world for a while, there's a chance you've heard of Bill Womack - and maybe even started a flight from one of his airport designs. For over ten years, he's been creating highly-detailed GA airports for Aerosoft, FS Addon, RealAir, and Orbx. Now he's beginning a new career chapter with the launch of iBlueYonder.


    While previous sceneries were sold via third-party publishers, iBlueYonder products will be marketed directly, under their own banner, via retailers you use and trust. The orange and white windsock logo won't be the only thing new -- upcoming projects will feature a broad range of airports, from small GA to larger regional and possibly international airports. What they'll all share is Bill's fanatical attention to detail and character without sacrificing performance.

    To check out Bill's work, head on over to iblueyonder.com Chances are, you'll spot some familiar scenery. While you're there, you might want to sign up for the email list. Several new projects are in the works, including one on short final. Email subscribers will be the first to receive product announcements, development updates, and can get their hands on new scenery before the general public. Occasionally, free sceneries will distributed through the email list as well!


    About iBlueYonder

    iBlueYonder is the brainchild of Bill Womack, a flightsim scenery developer with over ten years of experience. He is the author behind such airports as Aerosoft's Hawaii Dillingham X, Petersburg and Sitka, Alaska airports for FSAddon's Tongass Fjords, Plum Island for FSAddon, RAF West Malling for RealAir Simulations, and Orbx's Stark's Twin Oaks, Cushman Meadows, and Siletz Bay State Airport sceneries. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee (USA).

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