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    Calling all Enthusiasts!


    Hi Guys and Gals,


    The AVSIM File Library is calling all enthusiasts! The growing community needs your help, and we have now opened more volunteer staff positions.  We are currently accepting applications for Library Managers to assist us with the AVSIM File Library.  Are you a student looking to build your resume?  Or perhaps an avid simmer looking to give back to the community?  Any and all are welcome to apply.  Would you like to join our cause?




    AVSIM Library Managers, as a team, help process files uploaded to AVSIM, help with all AVSIM Library content, and answer e-mails. AVSIM has numerous pre-written e-mail template responses (and you can also create your own) for a variety of situations in order to speed up the e-mail answering process.




    Processing new uploads (daily) and ensuring all newly uploaded files meet AVSIM criteria before processing them and making them available to the public.


    Contacting authors (through e-mail) if something is wrong with their uploaded files and explaining needed corrections.  Our community appreciates a positive attitude and professional calm demeanor when dealing with any contributor, member, or staff member.


    Managing User Accounts:


    • Updating the e-mail address on member accounts
    • Deleting member accounts
    • Helping members who have forgotten their log-in details


    Managing all library files and content (updating details, deleting files, adding/removing file(s) required link(s):


    • When needed - editing the description and title fields of files.
    • On occasion - correcting/updating the author field of files.
    • Linking associated files (e.g. updates and/or corrections).
    • Answering library members' and file authors' e-mails - providing assistance.




    • To be considered for this position, an applicant must provide information (e.g. written introduction, summary of background, experience in similar positions)
    • Access to either TeamSpeak or Teamviewer for training purposes.
    • Able to install, to configure, and to utilize Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.
    • Have an account with AVSIM Library and AVSIM Fora.
    • Have schedule flexibility to allow approximately 5 - 10 hours per week.
    • If you're concerned about possibly volunteering 10 hours per week, we want to be real with you here.  It's very rare that's going to happen.  We work together as a team and most days you just need to check in a few times daily when you have time to make sure the queue is empty and e-mails are answered.  So long as we work as a team, and do a fair share, there should never be a day you have to volunteer more than an hour a day.




    • Have a good understanding of Simulators.
    • Have a good understanding of the AVSIM Online! Fora.
    • Have a "Winner" attitude.
    • Be a team player.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Must be detail oriented.


    If you are interested, applications may be submitted using our "Contact Us" form from the forum menu or by sending an email to: library (at) avsim dot com.  Thank you for considering giving back to the community!


    Happy Contrails

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