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    Calling all HTML & CSS Gurus!


    The AVSIM Reviews Department is seeking an experienced HTML & CSS guru with grammar and editing skills! We are currently accepting applications for Assistant Reviews Editor.




    The Assistant Reviews Editor, along with managerial duties, assists the Reviews Editor in receiving reviews from their respective writers, editing the reviews, and publishing the reviews. Publishing relies on HTML & CSS experience. Applicant must also have access to some form of word processing software compatible with MS Word documents and/or plain text documents.



    Managing Reviews Department (daily) with the Reviews Editor and being a positive and encouraging leader for Staff Reviewers. This includes recruiting, coordinating review assignments, and excellent communication skills with vendors and staff.


    Contacting vendors (through e-mail as needed) to coordinate new reviews and request press copies of software and hardware.


    Publishing (as needed) new reviews by receiving a completed review and editing the review to a final draft. The final draft will then be copied and pasted into the forum software, converted to HTML, and reviewed to ensure proper formatting standards. This generally involves strong knowledge of HTML & CSS and making sure there are no unsightly gaps/misconfigurations from the conversion process.



    • To be considered for this position, an applicant must provide information (e.g. written introduction, summary of background, experience in similar positions)
    • Access to either TeamSpeak or Teamviewer for training purposes.
    • Able to install, to configure, and to utilize an e-mail client; word processor; CSS & HTML experience.
    • Have an account with AVSIM Library and AVSIM Fora.
    • Have schedule flexibility to allow approximately 5 - 10 hours per week.



    • Have excellent HTML & CSS related skills
    • Have a good understanding of the AVSIM Online! Fora
    • Have a good understanding of Simulators.
    • Be a team player.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Must be detail oriented.

    If you are interested, applications may be submitted to reviews@avsim.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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