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    Cameras at FANCON 2013

    Tom Allensworth

    The Kansas Aviation Museum (KAM) has notified us of a strict requirement regarding cameras that all attendees MUST adhere to. Because KAM sits next to McConnell Air Force Base property and is adjacent to flight lines and taxiways, there are restrictions on photography that are enforced by military police and the Secret Service. McConnell is the home of the largest KC-135 Base in the Air Force and the Boeing Maintenance Facility for B-52 Bombers and VIP / Air Force One Fleet.


    Attendees must adhere to the following:
    1. No removable lenses at all
    2. No camera bags
    3. Fixed lenses and phone cameras only
    4. No photography of the base and flight line

    These rules will be enforced and violation can result in confiscation of camera, film or digital medium and arrest.


    Attendees entering the Museum property will have their cameras checked in order to ensure the above restrictions are adhered to. Your cooperation is appreciated.


    Cameras of all descriptions will be allowed at the Awards Banquet on Saturday night and around the hotel complex however.

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