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    Cascade Presents Infinite Scuba


    Cascade Game Foundry, comprised of previous members from the Aces team have presented their first title "Infinite Scuba". A reality-based, environmentally-respectful video game that enables players to experience the beauty, mystery, and serenity of scuba diving and treasure hunting in exotic real-world locations.

    Players use and collect branded scuba gear, identify wildlife, and take photos to share with friends, while learning about history and dive science. Cascade Game Foundry is working in partnership with the Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI®) and the Dive Equipment Marketing Association (DEMA), CGF also has agreements with 20 dive equipment manufacturers to include their diving gear in their game Infinite Scuba.


    In the initial release of the downloadable game, players explore Chuuk Lagoon, a renowned dive destination in the South Pacific and the site of a pivotal World War II battle between Japanese and American forces previously known as Truk Lagoon. In the years since that battle, the Chuuk shipwrecks have transformed into thriving reefs. Players search for fish and coral, as well as many other artifacts from the war, each of which unlocks a page of local history or dive science. Players exploring the wrecks can take photos to share with friends and earn diving certifications which unlock additional content. Players can easily purchase and download new equipment, challenges, and dive sites from inside the game.


    Cascade Game Foundry is hard at work finishing the development of Infinite Scuba for PC and MacOS for release in 1Q 2013, for more details visit the Infinite Scuba Homepage.

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