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    Changing Image Posting Rules - User Poll

    Tom Allensworth

    We are thinking about changing the image posting rules. Please read and provide us your opinion. 


    First, a great contributor to the AVSIM processor load is resizing and display of hosted images; that is, for images that are saved and displayed by our system here. Images hosted elsewhere are also resized to  in order to fit our rules of display size. 


    Second, the availability of free storage space on the Internet has become easily accessible to everyone. Examples are Dropbox, Google drive, personal sites that allow you to host images (like Google's Picasa albums, etc.).


    Here is what we are considering:


    • AVSIM's screenshot forum becomes "hosted elsewhere" only. We shut down all upload rights to the SS form, Real Aviation photos etc. The only images allowed there will be those that are hosted elsewhere.
    • Images that show examples of issues and which meet our size requirements and are appropriate for the other forums will be allowed to be uploaded in the other forums.

    • In those forums where hosting is required, we would allow as many images as the poster would like to put in the topic.

    Again, we are just thinking about this change. How do you feel about this step?


    You can participate in the discussion in the forums here.
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