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  • Cockpit-Fest August 29 31st


    Cockpit-Fest 2014 is being hosted by the Cold War Air Museum August 29-31st and will be held in conjunction with…
     The Dallas/Ft. Worth Commemorative Air Force “Warbirds on Parade” and carshow. There will be WWII aircraft rides and aerial displays.

    The Cold War Air Museum, located in Lancaster, TX. flies two Russian Hind attack helicopters and other Soviet era aircraft.
    Cockpit-Fest USA 2014 will feature aircraft cockpits and simulators from across the USA. 2014 is also introducing a race car simulator award!

     *  Best Aircraft Cockpit:
     *  PilotEdge -Best functional Aircraft Simulator:
     *  Best non-functional Aircraft Simulator:
     *  Best Race car simulator:
     *  Nthusim – Exhibition Award:
     *  C&A Messenger – Spirit of Cockpit-Fest Award:
     *  Most Extreme Restoration Award:
     *  Friday Night Lights Award:

    Registration and additional information is at the Cockpit-Fest 2014 Homepage.

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