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    Cockpit-Fest USA 2015


    The Cockpit-Fest USA 2015 Hall of Fame is online. Once again the annual event had a fantastic collection of cockpits, simulators, and table exhibits arrive from coast to coast.

    5 Full-tub skinned "Hi-Def" F16 simulators
    4 Open design generic simulators
    Trailer mounted F4 Phantom Thunderbird Simulator
    General aviation simulator
    AH-1 Cobra simulator
    Sabreliner 60 cockpit
    A-7 Corsair II cockpit
    A-4 Skyhawk cockpit
    F-8 Crusader Cockpit
    T-37 Tweeter cockpit
    EF-111 “Sparkvark” Cockpit

    Friday evening there was a guided tour of the Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) hangers, showing their impressive collection of Soviet helicopters and MiG aircraft. After the tour the group enjoyed a BBQ dinner in the main hanger surrounded by functional simulators and cockpits illuminated with navigation lights. 

    Saturday the Commemorative Air Force held their impressive Warbirds on Parade event that has warbirds flying in for the day.

    The Friday evening Cockpit-Fest award winners received aerobatic morning flights on the CAF Stearman. The Cold War Air Museum then thrilled everyone with a Mi-24 Hind helicopter flight demonstration. There are only three Mi-24 flying in North America.

    Saturday afternoon there were several Cockpit-Fest workshop presentations...
    Details of the ACES II Ejection Process
    Using Arduino boards in Simulators
    Restoring old panels / repainting
    Sheet metal riveting demonstration
    Saturday evening the awards banquet was held in the museum hanger.

    The banquet award winners received exciting aerobatic rides in the CWAM CJ-6 on Saturday morning then Cockpit-Fest USA 2015 closed another exciting year.


    "What a GREAT weekend and an amazing experience. I could not ask for anything more than being given the opportunity to spend time with such a talented group of people that share a common interest and have mind-blowing skills. What I enjoyed most was looking over the various cockpits and listening to the stories behind each build. You have to appreciate the fine work that everyone puts into their projects and the innovative building techniques that gives each cockpit its own personality. I highly encourage everyone to block out time next year to attend Cockpit-Fest 2016. " Chris Link, Riverside California


    Visit the Cockpit-Fest Website for further information.

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