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    CRJ 1000NG From SkySpirit


    SkySpirit has released their first project, the CRJ1000NG for FS9. The group was formed by X members of Project Open Sky and has a new home on Facebook.


    This project stems from the previous Project Opensky CRJ700/900v3 and is made for FS2004.



    * Custom XML coded animations.

    * Dynamic flexing wings

    * Wing views

    * Fully animated control surfaces

    * Fully independent suspension

    * Animated thrust reversers

    * Detailed textures

    * Advanced night lighting

    * Crash effects


    Model builders: Maurino Brown Hiroshi Igami Nick Wilkinson FDE designers: Maurino Brown Master Painter: Dickson Chan Abdullah Rahman Stephen Groom And with support the other SkySpirit members: Ben Fluth Kyle Schurb Derek Rogy Christopher Allen Brian Kircher Codey Wynne Matt Wang


    As of now there are only a few aircraft available, but as time comes more will be added.

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