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  • Dovetail Games Reveal Cold and Dark Feature for FSW


    By Simon Kelsey
    AVSIM.com Contributing Editor


    Cold and dark starts will soon be available to Dovetail Games Flight Sim World users, it was announced today.


    DTG Flight Community Manager Cryss Leonhart, programmer Sam Dark and lead artist Maxwell Taylor revealed the new feature during a broadcast on streaming site Twitch.

    Selecting the Cold and Dark option when setting up a flight will load the selected aircraft with the engines shut down and all electrical and electronic equipment switched off. In addition, users will now be able to select an airport gate or parking spot as the starting position, enabling a full start, taxi and takeoff sequence to be completed.

    Also revealed was an interactive checklist feature designed to walk novice users through the process of starting the aircraft from cold and dark. Flashing controls and levers can be activated as a guide through the startup process, though an “Advanced Mode” will also be available to seasoned simmers.

    Speaking during the broadcast, Leonhart said the new functionality was aimed at new users looking to add depth to their simming. “For someone who sits down in the cockpit of a turned off aircraft for the first time, it can feel almost daunting, so having that assistance with the checklist, the camera panning where you need to go, can be really useful in terms of helping you take things to the next step.

    “Obviously for people who already know what they’re doing, just pop in to advanced mode and you won’t need that assistance.”

    Third-party developers will be able to create their own custom interactive checklists, or simply insert a non-interactive checklist image if they prefer.

    It’s thought the updates will be released to FSW users later this week.

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