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    English Electric Canberra On The Horizon


    On the horizon at Just Flight - the English Electric Canberra
    This first-generation light bomber was manufactured in large numbers during the 1950s and was capable of flying at higher altitudes than other bombers during this decade; a Canberra set a world altitude record of 70,310 ft in 1957.

    This adaptable aircraft also served in tactical bombing and photographic and electronic reconnaissance roles in conflicts on several continents.
    The RAF retired the Canberra in 2006, but an exceptional new package for FSX is coming soon - here is a preview of some of the exciting features that will be included in the Canberra PR9:
     •A truly 3D virtual cockpit - every instrument constructed fully in 3D
    •Every switch, knob and gauge is functional
    •A comprehensive and fully functioning communications and navigation fit:
     - GMA340 – COM/NAV audio control unit with test mode and functioning marker lights
     - SL30 – COM 2/NAV2 radio unit with functioning menu system and the ability to save/recall commonly used frequencies
     - GTN650 – touchscreen GPS unit which can also be used to set aircraft fuel levels and control COM1 / NAV1 
    •Realistic engine start simulation with accurate spool-up times. Each engine start will even drain power from the starter batteries!
    •Custom-coded fuel system – belly tank, rear tank, top tanks and wing tanks are all simulated with functioning fuel pumps and transfer system
    •Custom-coded hydraulics system with functioning pumps and accumulators
    •Custom-coded electrical system with engine-driven generators, six inverters and three battery systems simulated (including emergency battery/avionics system)
    •Authentic autopilot with track, glide, altitude, pitch and bank hold modes
    •Functioning oxygen regulator panel
    •Fire detection and extinguisher system
    •Two different aileron input sensitivity levels for use at high and low altitudes
    •Three-position airbrakes
    •Interactive checklists
    •Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark', ready for engine start, or ready for take-off
    •Flight monitoring system that will give the ability to review parameters from your flight including G-Force, fuel consumption, distance travelled and speed
    •Numerous animations including canopy, navigator hatch, pilot ladder, ground power units and chocks
    •Stereo cockpit sounds



    Visit the English Electric Canberra Page to see the full photo set and video of this release due mid February.
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