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    EZdok Camera Version 2 Released


    EZdok Software in partnership with Flight One Software has officially released EZdok Camera Version 2 for FSX and Prepar3D.

    Many years have passed since the original EZdok Camera v1 release. Over the years the EZdok team has been studying aircraft physics while flying in real aircraft, and observing aircraft in all sorts of real-world conditions. They carefully analyzed the data so it could be translated back to modern PC simulators. And because of the power of today’s PC’s, the ability to regenerate real-world physics are possible! In creating the second version of EZdok Camera, they focused precisely on the effects of flight, and how they are interpreted by human anatomy and the aircraft frame, and translated these effects back to the the simulator for you to experience.

    One of the main features of EZCA 2 is the way the camera reacts due to its placement relative to the parts of the aircraft for which it is placed. For example, if your camera is somewhere near an airliner turbine, you will feel the appropriate camera oscillations based on its proximity to the engine. Raise the spoilers to reduce speed in flight, and the virtual cockpit will start vibrating in a method that is true to life.

    A brand new Horizon Retention Mode is included which shifts the camera viewpoint the same way a human would while the aircraft is banking. If your aircraft is about to stall, you will see the effects of the pre-stall buffet. These are examples of some of the extensive new features in EZCA 2.

    Additionally, the user interface has been completely rewritten to make it easier for beginners to operate.

    For more information on EZCA 2, to view the official EZCA 2 video, and to review all the new features, please visit the EZCA 2 Homepage

    If you have the previous version 1, there is a special upgrade price for you. More details of this are on the product page.

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