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    Flight Simulation New Brunswick


    Flight Simulation New Brunswick (FSNB) held its 5th annual show and tell for the general public at the Moncton Future Store. Both FS9 and FSX were setup, run and demonstrated to large number of visitors.


    Picture: Gary and Richard showing the ropes


    Besides demonstrations of how the simulations worked, members let customers try their hands at flying, experiencing flight for the first time. Many seemed fascinated and peppered members with "getting started" questions.



    Picture: Rolf giving flying lessons


    Here is AVSIM member Rolf (Rolfspan) showing a young pilot the ropes with Spirit Flyer Stephen's machine set up on an 80 inch LED TV. The quality and the smoothness of the simulation was amazing with this kind of equipment.


    (Picture: Stephen and Rolf)

    Here is Stephen (Spirit Flyer) showing how to fly A2A's B-17 which drew a crowd including including real pilots and local flight instructors.


    We want to thank Future Shop for their hospitality and would like to encourage other AVSIM members to form local FS associations to promote our hobby. It creates another whole dimension of being as real as it gets.


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