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    FS Dev Conference Videos


    The FS Developers Conference took place over this past weekend and saw a total of 12 superb talks by Fabien Gaiddon, Bill Womack, Drew Sikora, Arno Gerretsen, Kevin Miller, Chuck Jodry, Mathijs Kok and Scott Armstrong on a variety of topics for Microsoft Flight Simulator development.


    Saturday and Sunday both contained solid blocks of back-to-back content for viewers attending live broadcasts and having questions answered by the speakers. Some talks did see one or two minor interruptions of the broadcast, but overall the Google Hangouts platform proved to be a great choice for hosting the event.


    Videos from Saturday sessions can be found in the individual session pages here:

    And videos from Sunday can likewise be found here:

    Additionally, the organizers would love to hear feedback from those who were able to attend the live broadcasts. You can either email Drew Sikora at gaiiden@blade-edge.com or respond to the thread on the FSDeveloper forums

    Stay tuned at the beginning of 2014 for news of the next event!

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