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    FSFlyingSchool Pro v 5.8 for FSX and FS2004

    Robert W

    Have you ever wanted to ask "What's that airport over there..." or "Where's the runway I'm trying to land at..." ?


    Well now you can, with the updated Voice Command Pack for FSFlyingSchool Pro. Just ask your instructor and he or she will tell you what you need to know.


    Saying (for example) "Airport 2 o'clock?" into your microphone will have the instructor reporting the nearest airport at that bearing. The instructor will identify the airport, its distance, runway elevation, length and surface type. This is an handy, easy way to become familiar with your surroundings!


    �"Where's the airport?" will have the instructor identify the flight plan destination airport and its bearing in the "clock" format, e.g. "10 o'clock", and the distance to the airport. This can be very handy when, for example, you are trying to find a grass strip with no lights even during the day, and equally when looking for a larger busy airport which is far away or just hard to see.


    The Voice Command Pack contains dozens more helpful commands that your instructor is eager to help with. Just ask and you'll get help on traffic proximity, weather, V speeds, ILS, flight plan details and much more.


    To find out more, watch movies, download a free demo, etc, just hop over to the FSFlyingSchool Website

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