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    FSPS Frictionality FSX


    Runway friction in FSX was always a subject of discussion in the developers and advanced users community. The problem in a few words is that FSX friction is unrealistic. In some cases aircraft would taxi on idle thrust while the real aircraft was not behaving like this (or vice-versa) at the exact same conditions. (Runway condition, thrust, weight), aircraft is accelerating faster in wet / snow covered runways and more.
    At the start many thought that the aircraft physics model was not made correctly: For example that the thrust was misconfigured or that the weight distribution played a role.
     Actually all problems (most times) are due to the way FSX is handling friction.
    FSPS decided to resolve once and for ever the “FSX friction” problem. By directly communicating with FSX (no need for any external software like FSUIPC) to manipulate the friction for each surface and condition (dry, wet, snow) you could encounter.
    That way you would fix (if you like) only the Grass runway wet friction for your little Cessna that you may don't like , and leave everything else untouched OR you would change all friction values for your complicated Boeing 737 home simulator for all kind of runway types your may encounter and for each of the weather conditions...
    Presenting “Frictionality” . The application that will change FSX's friction for ever...

     •Real time rolling friction manipulation for all types of FSX runways for all wheel configuration aircraft.
    •Real time friction manipulation for sliding and braking friction.
    •Real time friction modifiers manipulation for Wet and Snow contaminated runways.
    •No additional software necessary to send friction into FSX.
    •Profile saving capability that enables you to save different friction sets for any aircraft of your fleet.
    •Popular Aircraft profiles are provided build-in for ease of starting up.
    •Ability to load profile from another aircraft. If they are similar models there is no need to set all the way the second aircraft.
    •Ability to load profile from external sources. If you find a profile shared in the internet or a friend has one ready, loading it is a matter of just some clicks.
    •Test mode to check how the changes you are doing reflects to the aircraft's usage.
    •Results stored in Test mode table for reference during tests.
    •Auto profile loading when selecting a 'ready' & saved aircraft.
    •Significantly light application using latest programming technologies resulting in zero FSX frames reduction.
    •Supporting both original and 'patched' Sim1.dll files.
    •30 pages PDF manual.
    •License transfer capability without need to contact Support in order to use software on as many PCs you want (only one will work at a time however).
      Visit the FSPS Homepage for further information.

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