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    FSX Beyond GameSpy


    FSX Beyond GameSpy connects over 3,000 people with Multiplayer Communities

    As the community is aware FSX’s GameSpy Technologies multiplayer environment was decommissioned on December 6, 2012. One day later, FSX Beyond GameSpy was launched to help FSX users understand the vast multiplayer landscape and connect to a new place to share their passions. FSX Beyond GameSpy is dedicated to providing information about the multiplayer options open to FSX users now that GameSpy-powered multiplayer is no longer available.


    In just under two weeks, the site has helped 3, 127 unique visitors , over 400 per day. 24 different groups including PilotEdge, Boston Virtual and FSHost communities as well as VATSIM have reached out to express their support for the site.


    While news is posted regarding MP activities , FSX Beyond GameSpy is not a news site, it's a reference portal that engages the existing multiplayer communities to provide as complete a picture as possible of what’s out there. The intent is less to attract existing visitors but rather to inform those new to multiplayer about their options.


    The staff of FSX Beyond GameSpy encourages all users of Microsoft Flight Simulator programs to post and share the link so that as many users as possible can learn more about their multiplayer options and make an informed choice. While we all belong to different communities—be they VATSIM or msFLIGHTS.net—we all share a passion for FSX. Only by working together can we help new FSX users find out about the multiplayer world we so enjoy, and contribute to long-lasting sustainability to our hobby.

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