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    FSX Multiplayer Sessions Page


    FSX Beyond GameSpy announced the opening of a FSX Multiplayer Sessions Page which displays the status of participating multiplayer servers in real time. The page provides much of the information that the former GameSpy lobby used to provide, including:


    • Status

    • Number of Players

    • Player Limit

    • Number of Air Traffic Controllers

    • Weather Settings

    • IP Address

    • Website

    • Description


    For multiplayer users, the site offers the ability to browse servers that are currently online. You can easily tell which of your favorite servers are up and decide which to connect to. We encourage multiplayer users who frequent multiple communities to bookmark the page linked above and return regularly. It is refreshed with new information every minute.


    The new page is a collaborative effort between Boston Virtual ATC and HippyHappy Germany. FSXBG are grateful for the contributions of members from these communities which have made this new service possible, as well as to those multiplayer communities who have already registered their servers with FSX Beyond GameSpy.



    About FSX Beyond GameSpy

    FSX Beyond GameSpy is a portal designed to provide a means of connecting users displaced by the discontinuation of GameSpy support for FSX. It provides information about the multiplayer communities that are available to GameSpy users and encourages them to seek out the options that are available to them now that GameSpy is no longer available.

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