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    GEX World Edition Box Set Released


    Flight1 is pleased to announce the boxed release of the World Edition series with incredible 3D high definition textures, automatically replaced for easy installation!  All 4 titles are upgraded: Europe, North America, Africa & Middle East and Atlantic & Pacific Tropics.


    Ground Environment X World Edition Series replaces the default FSX ground textures with more realistic, 3D looking high-definition textures derived from licensed aerial and satellite imagery at an incredible one metre per pixel resolution, using FSX native 1024x1024 image size.


    Ground Environment X World Edition Series installs in a couple of clicks and automatically synchronises with other Ground Environment X products during installation.


    Ground Environment X World Edition Series offers you high performance, perfectly aligned and extreme density autogen, plus add-ons, updates and enhancements through the built-in update feature. Ground Environment X World Edition provides all seasons plus realistic custom-designed night textures to enhance your flight simulation experience, whenever and wherever you choose to fly.


    Ground Environment X World Edition Series has a NEW World Edition interface. With many new improved textures in some regions and greater ease of keeping the various regions synchronised and up to date. Add and remove them from FSX at the click of a button with all of your backups perfectly controlled, automatically.


    The easy-to-use interface will provide for easy installing the new textures, and is designed with Flight1's "keep-it-simple yet powerful" philosophy. IT’S ALL AUTOMATIC NOW!


    No install orders, no opening/closing multiple interfaces, automatic detection of installed GEX regions and their locations and automatic UTX region detection and upgrades.


    Free update for existing owners of Ground Environment X is available for any region as boxed or download, by visiting the Ground Environment X support forum at http://www.simforums.com/Forums/gex-all-region-updates-official-release_topic44495.html. Boxed edition owners can convert to a ‘download’ version containing the update free of charge by following the instructions provided.




    Automated detection of GEX regions as they are added as well as UTX regional products.
    Automated one click/browse move of backup directory with free space verification.
    Refined update system which checks for updates of all products at once.
    Automated install order of GEX regions as they are added or removed.
    Single interface readout and control for all GEX region products.
    NO INSTALL orders or specific install directories to deal with.
    Install different GEX regions to any location on your system.
    Direct product links from the interface to add new regions.
    Real time region status interface readout.
    Universal user manual for all products.

    Boxed edition available from the Ground Environment X World Edition Homepage.

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