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    HJG 6th Anniversary Update PART 2

    Historic Jetliners Group announced a surprise release of yet anothr 38 texture files ...as "PART 2" of it's recent 6th anniversary website update and associated celebrations. These latest texture files are for its own high quality B707-320B ADVC, B707-320C, CV990-A, DC9-10, DC9-10CF/F/RC, DC9-30, DC9-30CF/F/RC and MD81/82/83/87/90-30 models ...as well its B727-100, B727-100C/CF/QC, B727-200, and B727-200 ADVC VISTALINERS models too. "ALL OF THIS AND A WHOLE LOT MORE" is available "FREE" ...for your FS enjoyment and only from from Historic Jetliners Group Homepage. HJG extends a very sincere thanks to the international FS community for its continued kind support over the past 6 years.
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