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    Holger Sandmann voted Einstein Award

    Tom Allensworth

    In all the fracas last week due to the advertising exploit issues and system fix, we totally forgot the user voting for the first ever Einstein Award. The community voted and the results are in! Holger Sandmann has been voted by his peers and community members the first recipient of this award. Congratulations Holger! Here is the text that accompanies the award and that you can read in Holger's award list.


    "The AVSIM Community nominated and then voted Holger the Einstein Award for continuing brillance and focused contributions to our hobby. As a result of that vote and in recognition of many years of contributions to the hobby, we congratulate Holger on being the FIRST Einstein recipient. Dr. Albert Einstein was a person of brillance and possessed a singular focus on his interests. In the case of Dr. Einstein, it was physics. As this award is presented to Holger, it means the same; that a brillant and focused contributor to our hobby has been duly recognized and presented this award."

    You can read the community's input and more about Holger in the AVSIM Forums here.

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