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    Infinite Scuba Announced

    Tom Allensworth

    AVSIM is pleased to announce the Infinite Scuba diving game and simulation and the opening of the Infinite Scuba forum. Cascade Game Foundry, creators and publishers of Infinite Scuba have this to say about the simulation; "Infinite Scuba is a reality-based, environmentally-respectful video game that enables players to experience the beauty, mystery, and serenity of scuba diving and artifact discovery in exotic real-world locations. Players use and collect branded scuba gear, identify wildlife, and take photos to share with friends, while learning about history and dive science.


    The game is also part of the Sea Monsters: Revealed exhibit at the Museum of Science & Industry in Tampa, Florida that runs March 9th - Sept 2nd, 2013. More info: http://www.seamonstersrevealed.com/


    Infinite Scuba™ is the first release from Cascade Game Foundry (CGF®), a Seattle-based video-game company composed of entertainment simulation experts whose unrivaled expertise and passion for simulations and entertainment software enables us to provide breathtakingly-accurate simulations for hardcore audiences, as well as compelling exploration gameplay for casual audiences." You can visit the Infinite Scuba Web Site here.


    Infinite Scuba is expected to be released tomorrow, March 13th and in anticipation of its release, AVSIM is hosting the Cascade Game Foundry's Infinite Scuba Forum where you can ask questions, share experiences, images from game play and more, at the Infinite Scuba forum here.

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