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    Interview with Ben Supnik - X-Plane & Laminar Research

    Tom Allensworth

    We have posted our interview of Ben Supnik and the questions that he has answered from the earlier submission by the X-Plane community here. Here is a short intro:


    Why don't you address the common complaints that prevent X-Plane from being the next sim of choice for everyone? For example, the lack of airport buildings.

    The lack of actual 3-d airport buildings has been a gaping hole in X-Plane for a very long time; it’s important to us not only because we hear about it immediately from FSX converts, but also from users who are entirely new to flight simulation. As we increase the detail in all parts of the scenery, the lack of airports becomes more of a glaring hole.

    (Of course, experienced flight simulation enthusiasts know to get airports from freeware and payware vendors, and it’s not unusual for me to see an X-Plane log report from a user with over 2000 scenery packs installed! But the first impression and demo impression of X-Plane are very important, so world-wide airports that come with the simulator are really important.)



    Your can read the rest this large interview here.

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