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    Introducing Flight Level Radio


    FLR is part of the aviation community; operating within the stratosphere their transmitters can reach all parts of the globe. Therefore, no matter where you are flying to you can hear them . FLR is made of DJs from all walks of the world as well. So are format depends on the DJ. If there is no DJ in the station, we have a wonderful music selection for you hear as well (but we don’t have a made up name for ours ;) ). The selection of music is picked from our libraries and then into a very rigorous selection process. It is the music that you want to hear! 

    They don’t just stop with music.  Advertise your VAs events on our Events Calendar. That is right it’s free of charge to VAs and ARTCCs alike. FLR can also do live remotes from your event. In addition, with  social media tools, your event is out to other pilots as well. 

    So how do you listen to FLR? , follow the link below

    Introducing Flight Level Radio 

    The website is on 24/7 for your listening pleasure. 

    Desktop Application and Google Play App 

    These are located on the website for you to  download. 

    TFDi’s smartCARS 
    Through a partnership with TFDi Design, they can offer any VA with this ACARS unit the ability to provide a FLR stream to their pilots. These VAs know who provides the best music! 


    Follow FLR on Social Media  Facebook Twitter | Website .

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