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    Laminar Research Sued for Patent Infringement

    Tom Allensworth

    Austin Meyer, founder and President of Laminar Research, developer of the X-Plane series of flight simulators has been sued by UNILOC of Texas and Luxemburg for patent infringement due to Laminar’s use of an application to server authorization scheme. UNILOC claims that this use violates its patents for that technique / technology. You can read the entire lawsuit here (PDF File). The patent in question and for which UNILOC is suing can be found here. Austin stated; “Uniloc is suing myself, and 8 other developers, for distributing Apps on Android, claiming that we infringe on “their” idea. Speaking for Laminar Research, we used only the technology that was provided to us by Google for copy protection in our Android App ‘X-Plane’. The patent on which we are being sued was filed in 2001…” You can read Austin’s full comments and a summary of the lawsuit here. You can participate in a discussion about this news in our forum here.

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