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    Live Video Streaming Coming to AVSIM

    Tom Allensworth

    We are pleased to announce that AVSIM will be bringing online live streaming video within the next 30 to 45 days. AVSIM will be providing a “channels” based system that allows any community member to establish a streaming video channel on either Justin.tv or Twitch.tv and then be fed into the AVSIM system’s video line up. Think of it as AVSIM providing the services of a Comcast, Direct TV, Sky TV or the Dish Network as examples. The AVSIM channel system will indicate to the viewer which channels are active and not, chat while watching and more. We will provide the channels and you can pick your favorite while participating in the forums or elsewhere within AVSIM. Unlike the basic Justin and Twitch services themselves, AVSIM will be acting as an aggregation and one-stop service for all flight simulation live stream channels.


    Twitch.tv will allow in-game streaming so that group flights, RTW races, and VATSIM and IVAO events, can be fed live to all viewers on AVSIM from within the broadcaster’s flight simulator. Justin.tv will allow broadcasters to set up channels that are not in-game. For example; virtual airline news channels, community news, how to channels such as “Learn to paint your aircraft”, “learn to create scenery”, “learn the FMC”, etc. We will be adding more channel sources as we further develop the system.


    Please stay tuned. We will post more as this system comes closer to launch.

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