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    Lockheed Martin Developing P3D 64bit


    Lockheed Martin's P3D Forums have been the scene of recent discussions concerning the development of a 64 bit version of P3D. While not the first occasion the topic has surfaced it has been the first time a company representative has confirmed that the development team is indeed working on bringing the platform into a 64 bit format.


    To quote Lockheed Martin's P3D Forum Moderator in reply to a series of posts on the topic " Yes, LM is working on 64bit. No information is available for a release scheduled " . , Further in an earlier post states " LM do not publish a road map for 64bit or any other feature or changes. We will get some previews and information when these are in beta testing. Until then LM thanks you all for your interest."


    Developing a 64 bit version of P3D would permit using vastly more memory address space and in consequence allow the use of more sophisticated models and terrain, currently limited to 3 Gigabytes. Aircraft developers regularly need to trim out details in order to fit the compiled models into a 32 bit .mdl format.


    Lockheed Martin's P3D development team have demonstrated outstanding support for developers and a commitment to bringing the P3D Simulation Platform into a position to dominate the future ,  with unparalleled capacity time permitted.

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