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    Lockheed P3D and EULA's for Add-On's

    Tom Allensworth

    With the continuing advancement of P3D by Lockheed Martin, more flight simulation enthusiasts are experimenting with, if not adopting entirely, this flight simulator. However, there is considerable confusion over which third party products currently available can be used, without violating your EULA or other restrictions, within P3D.


    Questions such as:


    Does my existing End User License Agreement (EULA) allow me to use my add-on in P3D?

    If not, do I need to purchase another license to install it in P3D?

    Assuming my EULA allows me to, will my current product work in P3D?


    And there are many more. We recently have had some incidents within the forums that arose from lack of knowledge concerning products, EULA's and use within the P3D simulator. As a result, we have undertaken a survey of commercial providers about their EULA's and products for P3D.


    You can find the beginnnings of this here: http://forum.avsim.n...Pages/p3d_.html

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