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  • Manfred/Visser C-47v3 Released


    Jan Visser announced today that an upgraded version of
    Manfred Jahn’s popular freeware Douglas C-47 for Flight Simulator X and

    Lockheed Martin Prepar3D is now available with an authentic vintage virtual

    cockpit and other improvements. A version that drops paratroopers is


    Under development since late 2013, the v3 beta release includes various

    external model upgrades including detailed 3D engines; a new flight model;

    new cockpit and engine sound sets; and a new interactive checklist with

    optional audio callouts. The development thread at sim-outhouse.com has

    accumulated over 1800 posts and 480,000 views.

    “Without a dedicated team of volunteers,” Visser said, “this aircraft

    would never have gotten off the ground. Manfred’s new monitor panel and

    checklist, Ted ‘Tufun’ Wolfgang’s engine and cockpit sounds, and Daniel

    Gauthier’s crew communications and interactive checklist are highlights,

    but many people cooperated to make this extraordinary aircraft available.”

    The developers are located in Australia, Germany, The Netherlands,

    Switzerland, and the United States.

    This release is a public beta. Some features, like cockpit night

    lighting for FSX users and an interactive on-screen checklist for FSX and

    P3D, will be added soon in updates. Skins from v2 are compatible, but

    will require minor modifications to take advantage of enhancements.


    A paint kit and new bump map skins will also be available.

    The FSX and P3D compatible aircraft and pilot handbook can be

    downloaded free from


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